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By Pass is located in the city center and opened its doors in 1983. Since then it has not stopped in the pursuit of excellence. Today it has a capacity for 1700 people, VIP lounge, sound and lighting systems of the latest generation and a laser light show equal to any in the world.

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Cerebro was opened in 1980 as the most traditional and innovative disco in Bariloche, with its avant-guard decoration, 16,000 sq. ft., 1600 person capacity, VIP lounge, cutting edge technological equipment and laser light show that will ensure a memorable night of fun.

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Dating from the year 1983 Genux is the youngest disco in Bariloche. With its futuristic architectural spaces and suspended walkways, Genux offers excitement to 1400 people each night, with digital sound, intelligent lighting, LED screens and surprising various live performances. 

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Located on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake, Grisu is the hard rock disco with the most history in Bariloche. It has 6 levels and floors with 3 distinct styles. Its architecture is rustic and sound and lighting are of the latest generation making the style unique. This is compounded by the “Gala Diner” offering first class catering service.

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In its impressive 5 story structure, Roket, opened in 1989, has a capacity for 2,000 people, VIP lounges, and the most advanced technology in sound and lighting. It also provides a unique experience to view the dance floor from a bar located 50 feet above.

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