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Upon purchase of the services, the passenger is notified and expressly agrees to the following general conditions. The present agreement and the provision of services shall be governed exclusively by these terms and conditions, by Law N° 18,829 and its regulations and by the Brussels Convention adopted by Law 19,918. These General Conditions in addition to the documentation received by passengers will constitute the Travel Agreement established by the aforementioned Convention.Any inconsistency or controversy with regards to the interpretation or application of thisTravel Agreement shall be submitted to the Arbitration Clause stated below.

A) Arbitration Clause. Any claim arisingin connectionwiththeexecution, fulfillment, breach, extension, or cancellation of the present Travel Agreement, shall be submitted to the Court of Arbitration of the Argentine Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism. In this case, the contracting parties are subject to and accept the conditions established by the ArbitrationCourt.

B) Amendmentsand modifications: Surface Travel (Leg.13314) reserves the right, due to technical or operational reasons, to alter wholly or partially,before or during its implementation, the daily organization of the tour or the services included therein. Except otherwise provided, hotels may be changed by others of greater or equal category within the same urban center without any charge for the passenger. With respect to these alterations, passengers shall not have any right tocompensation. The Company may cancel any tour when any of the circumstances set forth in article 24 of decree 2182/72 occurs. Once the trip begins, the suspension, change or interruption of the services on the part of the passenger for personal reasons of any nature,shall not allow him/her to get a reimbursement or refund.

C) Responsibility: Surface Travel expressly states that it acts as an intermediarywith respect to the booking or contract of the different services related to or included in the respective tour, or in the booking of services, hotels, restaurants, transportation(by air or land, accordingly), or other providers. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the responsibilities of the company, whether acting as a travel organizer or an intermediary, shall be determined in accordance with the provisions contained in the International Convention related to the Travel Agreement approved by Law 19,918. In accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, the Company is not responsible for unforeseeably circumstances, force majeure, weather conditions or events occurring before or during the course of the tour which shall prevent, delay or otherwise impede the execution of all or part of the services agreed upon by the Company. Therefore, it disclaims any liability arising from damage, loss, theft or harm suffered by passengers, their property or belongings, whatever the external cause which produces it may be. In addition, the Company is not responsible for changes in the flight schedules and/or flight changes determined unilaterally by the involved airlines.

D) Authority to remove passengers from tours: Surface Travel reserves the right to expel any traveler at any time whose behavior, health or any other serious reason causing inconvenience to other passengers or jeopardizing their safety, may impede the success of the tour or its ordinary development.

E) Travel documents: The travel agency must guide, check and inform travelers about the necessary documentation and visa requirements necessary for the trip hired by them. Surface Travel is not responsible if the hired services cannot be provided due to lack of such documentation. No refund will be made in this case. It is the sole responsibility of the traveler to have all the necessary documentation required for his/her personal identification, before or during the tour, on arrival or at departure. This is extremely important in the case of foreigners, residents, minors, etc.  Further information will be provided by participating airlines and/or respective consulates.

F) Not included services:  Extras, drinks, laundry, tips, boarding fees, fees on other services, VAT and other current and/or future taxes, or any other service not expressly indicated in the respective vouchers issued and delivered by Surface Travel or the travel agency involved in the transaction; stays, meals and/or additional charges or inconveniences resulting from cancellations, delays on arrival/departure, or any other unforeseen reason beyond the control of this company; meals on route, except those that are expressly included or specified in the contract/vouchers; expenses and interests in credit or payment card transactions; any other expense incurred by the passenger during the journey if he/she has to move away further than the fixed terms stipulated herein by accidental or unforeseen circumstances. (These expenses will be paid by the traveler without any right to refund or compensation).

G) Rates include: Hotel accommodation for the number of nights as specified in the itineraries or vouchers, or other hotels of equal or higher category, occupying the rooms of choicewith private bathrooms and taxes; meals as stated in the voucher; visits and tours as stated in the package; transfers from and to airports, bus or train stations and hotels as indicated. Hotels consider the arrival day as a full day, therefore, no complaints can be made if the period of stay is shortened due to time differences.  Guests must remove all their belongings from their room by 10 am, after this time they may make use of the hoteland luggage storage facilities until the time of departure. Rooms are assigned upon arrival as stated in the voucher, and they are subject to availability at check-in time. If passengers want to change the rooms assigned, they shall pay the corresponding rate difference. All rooms are standard, unless otherwise indicated in the voucher. Passengers may make any arrangements with the local operator about changes in the tour schedules booked whenever it is possible. Otherwise, they will have to adjust to the conditions stated in the voucher.  Optional tours will be at the passenger´s risk and expense at the time of booking. Surface Travel has no responsibility on the rendering of such services or the amount paid by passengers since it is not involved in such transactions.

H) Applications and payments: The tour price and/or bookings are subject to changes without prior notice if there are modifications in the services rendered, the price or the expected exchange rate due to reasons not attributable to the parties involved. All taxes paid before the final confirmation of the services are considered as a part of the reservation. The final confirmation of the services shall be deemed accepted when the tickets and vouchers and the corresponding billing are issued. Credit transactions must meet the requirements stipulated therein. Otherwise, the interested party shall cancel the balance payments in the terms and conditions set forth in the Travel Agreement.

I) Registrations: They will be received through a deposit payment, the amount of which shall be adjusted in each case. For regular services, passengers shall pay a minimum deposit corresponding to the 30% of the total amount. The remaining balance must be paid at the due date, at which time all the corresponding documentation will be issued. Charter services: the amount of the deposit and the due date of the total amount shall be informed in each case, at which time the respective balance shall be paid and the corresponding documentation issued.

J) Cancellations: If the cancellation occurs 30 days before the departure date, Surface Travel will keep 50% of the amount paid. If the cancellation occurs 14 days before departure or at the departure date, or in case of a NO SHOW passenger, whatever is the cause, Surface Travel will retain 100% of the price. The agency involved shall inform in writingall the reasons for the cancellation and attach all the necessary documents it may consider convenient in order to make a revision of the retained amounts, as long as they are imputable to the passenger. Surface Travel will study each case and the background information, and if the providers require so, it will examine it again. The decision will be notified to the agency not before than 30 days of the event. This process shall not give rise to any later claim on the part of the passenger.The passenger shall accept the amounts retained and the refund date agreed upon, if applicable. In case of withdrawal of credit operations, there will be no refund for the amounts paid on account of reports, administrative expenses, stamps and interests. When the withdrawal affects those services hired by the agency on a firm basis, the refund will be subject to the conditions stated above and under which the transaction was made.  In all the cases, the agency will be able to retain the price of incurred charges plus 10% commission of services hired by third parties.

K) Luggage: It will not be the subject-matter of any carriagecontract since passengers should always keep it with them, at their risk and expense, whenever they are transported. Surface Travel will not be liable for any loss or damage to the luggage or personal property.

L) Participating Airlines: The passenger ticket will constitute the carriage contract between the passenger and the carrier. The ticket will be considered the sole commitment between the airline and the passenger. Surface Travel shall not be liable for any act or omission that may occur with the passengers when they are on board. Surface Travel and the respective airline reserve the right to change the scheduled times and/or changes in the flights, if weather conditions, force majeure or reasons attributable to the company so require. This also applies to Not Regular transportation or Charter flights. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in such cases only the percentage of the price corresponding to hotels, accommodation, tours and other services determined by the Organizer, according to the conditions stated in the before mentioned clauses, shall be reimbursed. In order to comply with the foregoing, passengers must be informed about the quality of the transportation in the issued and/or delivered document.

Our Quality, Safety and Environmental Policies
Our aim and the foundations forour company´s growth are based on our clients´ satisfaction, our work team´s development, our social responsibility and the protection of the environment. Our desire for self-improvement, responsibility and commitment involves:

  • Working with ethics, social responsibility and ensuring the preservation of the environment where we carry out our activities.
  • Compliance with legal, quality, safety and environmental requirements,
  • Stimulating our human capital professional development, including suppliers and clients.
  • Working with equipment and facilities which ensure the safety of our employees and clients, minimizing the risk exposure.
  • Keeping an open and fluent communication among the company, our clients and other parties involved in order to increase satisfaction.


These policies are regularly reviewed and reported to our personnel. They are also available to our clients and providers.

Our Environmental Statement
Surface Travel has been distinguished in the Environmental Management Program. Tourism significantly affects the environment. It involves a greateruse of electricity and water consumption, waste generation and heritagedeterioration. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to control and prevent these problems and related issues.
It is our purpose to take measures to increase environmental awareness and to contribute to preserve touristic destinations by adapting recommendations to such effect. To that effect we recycle sheets of paper to transform them in notebooks, we use biodegradable bags, gas heaters instead of electric ones, energy saving lamps, we keep lights off in the rooms we do not use and we leave computers “sleeping” to save energy. In addition, we ask coordinators and guides to raise awareness among passengers to avoid throwing trash during the tours in public spaces. We consider that everyday actions may help to improve our environment and reduce our impact on it.

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