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The horses, their breathing, their strength. A man and an animal united in the same action of moving along the trail. The movement, the rhythm, the communion with nature.

 The goal is somewhere ahead. There are few experiences that achieve a state of absolute fullness. A good ride is among them.


  • Horseback riding in the steppe
    Arid and wild, with its oasis of lakes, ponds and springs, this area is open to visitors for tours and riding. The ride ascends gently, allowing you to appreciate the valleys in the middle of this semi desert land in a prehistoric setting. There are fast moving rheas, foxes, guanacos and a variety of ducks and colorful flamingos among other animals. Birds fly around you, walking and watching with curiosity, witness to a surprising and pleasant encounter; one that will also occur in the typical settlements of humble villagers of the steppe.

  • Horseback Riding around the lakes
    With its charm and contrasting colors, this region of vast bodies of water, surrounded by lush forests, and numerous icy rivers, make each ride an adventure with a different flavor. In between trails and roads and sparsely populated areas of the unique Lakes Moreno, Gutierrez, Mascardi and Nahuel Huapi, you can have captivating views of the most recognized mountains around Bariloche. And last but not least all within this very special natural environment.

    Tough horses and their riders will follow paths into the towering Coihues forests. This tour through the native woods will reveal Ñires, impenetrable stands of cane, forests of cypress, fire bush and flowering Laura all typical flora of this woodland.

    Contemplating, erect in the saddle, one advances through the beech forests sometimes silent, sometimes rustling. Among these typical trees of Patagonia it is possible to observe numerous species of birds: Geese, Hualas, Quetros and Grebes. It is not uncommon to sight woodpeckers, Kingfishers or a Huadra. And maybe, for the joy and luck of young and old alike, a wild boar may appear… 

  • Horseback riding in the precordillera (foothills)
    The foothills is a transition zone between the mountains proper and the vast stepp. At a steady pace goes the troop, between rocky volcanic canyons the horses go, zigzagging into the vastness, slowly but surely. Through valleys of sparse vegetation the first trees will begin to appear, twisted wind resistant cypress, leafy crowned Maiten and the strong Chacay.

    Through an area of sheep ranches and large estates, the riders also travel through different seasons, each adorned with its charm. Flowers painted with spring colors will be the next things you see as well as foals and lambs at birth. In summer the sun transmits its heat through the dry and arid land. Later, the area is characterized by autumnal reds, oranges, and yellows. It is also the time when the deer begin to rut. But the cycle goes on and the advancing cold have begun to warn of frost and winter. Like the horse and the learned customs and traditions of the locals, you may be partakers of the miracle of the rhythm of life, which always continues, again and again.

  • Horseback riding in the mountains and glacier zone
    In the deep valleys and dense forests, where the gaucho has opened his way with the machete it is possible for you to be the central character in many different settings. Around permanently frozen glaciers leaning over snowy peaks and rushing rivers and waterfalls, you can see the Andean Condor soaring overhead, circling.

    On the mountaintops, Lenga, a species of beech, become progressively more abundant at higher elevations and in the fall turn a crimson red in color. Beyond, you can see walls of ice, reflecting colors white and blue. This sight may be accompanied by the loud and unpredictable sound of the glaciers splitting and cracking. From the tops of the lower hills and peaks we can come to appreciate the vastness of the horizon.

    The Andean summer shows its charm in the romantic, shadowy forests and in its peaks capped with eternal snows. The red beech autumn days shorten, turning progressively colder with the heavy frost.
    Briefingt, the experience of a riding holiday is different and novel, one of continual amazement in the heart of the Andes Mountains.


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