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Catedral is the largest ski center in the southern hemisphere , offering a comprehensive service infrastructure for practicing winter sports. It can be reached on paved road from the city center, by private car, walking or public transport. You can visit all year round and there are several means of reaching the summit. There are hotels, restaurants and shops for the convenience of visitors. 


Mt Catedral can be visited all year long and it has different means of elevation to ascend to its peak. There are hotels, restaurants and a great variety of shops.
Ski enthusiasts can enjoy the largest ski area in South America.

For several decades, Bariloche has been the icon of student travel. That picture of the whole class in the snow of Catedral, in the last week before graduation, is a goal to which generations of Argentine students aspire. This gave impetus to the birth of “the graduation trip” and has become part of the culture of our youth.

Cerro Catedral is the most developed center of mountain sport activities in South America. With more than 70 years of history, here was the birthplace of skiing in Argentina, and currently has the best system of lifts (with a capacity to transport 35,000 passengers per hour). There are almost 200 miles of slopes, tracks and roads and an infrastructure commensurate to any internationally.

Cerro Catedral is characterized by the unsurpassed scenery, which includes lakes, valleys and the snowcapped mountains of Nahuel Huapi National Park which extend into the Andes mountains.

It is open all year round: In spring and fall, with promotions for pedestrians at the top, in summer, with a wide range of mountain activities (mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, climbing, bird watching etc.) and in the peak winter season with intense activity on the entire mountain where one day can see 10,000 visitors enjoying themselves in a magical setting. At any time of year almost no visitor to Bariloche can deprive themselves of at least one visit to the majestic stone towers during their stay. The student population is a key segment of these visitors. Therefore the mountain administration, tour operators and service providers have developed specific expertise in providing appropriately for the needs of a young and active group, many of whom are experiencing the snow for the first time.

Today, Cerro Catedral has a General Services Coordination Board, for the benefit of both operators and groups of young tourists and a detailed care system which includes meeting areas, specific chair lifts, crucial areas of instruction, exclusive eating places and specialized staff.
Student groups usually visit Cerro Catedral in the months of June through January. Everyone has the opportunity to know the mountain and experience the snow. Items for learning to ski (lifts, equipment, ski schools etc.) are available during the winter months, usually from late June to mid October (the beginning and end of the season varies depending on weather conditions). From mid October though January visitors can still have a chance to play in the snow where it is still standing.


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Catedral village at the base of the mountain

Cómo llegar

From the center of Bariloche take Ave. Exequiel Bustillo, or Ave. de los Pioneros to Km. 8, turn left to the next junction (2 kms.) then right and on up to the mountain.
Total trip about 20 min..


Open all year.



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