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Cerro Viejo (Old Mountain) tourist park has a modern chairlift that takes visitors to a stunning and special place. From the café , “El Mirador” at almost 3,000 feet above sea level ,you can see a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Nahuel Huapi and the city of Bariloche.


At the base of the mountain is a beautiful myrtle forest, also special because of its close proximity to the city.

The complex

Cerro Viejo has a unique panoramic view. It is on the very edge of Bariloche on Runge Hill. This makes it one of the most visited sites for arriving tourists year after year.


  • Coffee Shop
    “El Mirador” is a fine coffee shop and café with a beautiful panoramic veranda, great for tea, lunch or just to relax.

  • Ascending
    Ascending the hill is done by the chairlift that goes to the lookout located at the coffee shop.

  • Walking descend
    You can descend on a typical mountain trail, enjoying a pleasant walk among the trees. This hike ends in a centennial myrtle forest.

  • Descend in a toboggan
    You can descend in a much more modern and faster way: In a unique, two tracked toboggan with banked corners and long straight aways. This is surely a unique blend of speed and adrenaline.

  • Museum
    The visit ends at the Museum of the Mountains, where you can learn the history of the pioneers of skiing and mountain climbing in Bariloche and the region. The museum is located in an old wooden barn which was one of the first ski factories in the city.


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Av.Bustillo 868

How to get

From the city center go 1 Km west on Bustillo ave.
It is only 5 min away.


Open all year.



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