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Inspired by the conservation, education, reforestation movement, Bariloche offers a unique adventure to observe the environment from the air and to integrate into the landscape. “Canopy” consists of gliding between the trees, fastened by a harness to a cable that passes through a section of the Andean forest.


“Canopy” is an adventure excursion for the whole family, which offers another way to rediscover nature, providing an incredible feeling of flying through the forest, looking at stunning scenery that would be imposible to see from ground level.

The activity lasts a little more than 2 hours and it’s necessary to wear clothes comfortable and appropriate for the woods, besides proper footwear for hiking in the woods. Dress extra warm if engaging in this activity during the winter. Children under 4 years old, pregnant women and those with heart conditions are restricted from this activity. For security, companies engaged in this activity provide the participants with a helmet, professional mountain pelvic harness, carabiners, straps, sliding pulleys and leather gloves.

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After reaching the base of Lopez mountain, each group is given a 15 min. instruction class, in which a cable is installed 6 feet above the ground and instructors demonstrate basic techniques and safety tips.

After checking the equipment it is then loaded into a 4 by 4 and the group climbs the mountain to a 250 year old forest of Coihue trees. It is then a short hike to the first platform to begin the “flights”.

The activity is designed to increase in difficulty for the participants to better adapt to the saftey concerns. For instance when you slide down the cable you can adjust the speed. The total length of the ride is almost 5,000 feet, making it one of the longest in South America. From the platforms you can see amazing panoramic views of Lake Moreno, Peninsula San Pedro, Hotel Llao Llao and Puerto Pañuelo.

When the activity in the canopy is finished, clients hike the short trail through the woods to the trucks for the return trip back to the base of the mountain where all receive a “Certificate of Courage” This activity does not require special strength or knowledge of the mountains. Children between the ages of 4 and 8 always ride in tandem with an instructor. Canopy is never suspended because of rain.



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Important Information

  • Restrictions
    Children under 4 and pregnant women cannot participate in this sport.

  • Security
    The companies are concerned with maximum security. Helmet, Pelvic harness, carabiners, safety straps, sliding pulleys and leather gloves are provided for security.

¿What to wear?

Clothing comfortable for the woods that is also wind resistant. Sporting or hiking shoes. In winter it is advisable to wear extra heavy clothing.


Open all year.


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